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Shortest speech by CEO of Coca cola

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Microsoft Is Now Skype’s Owner, After Paying $8.5 Billion

Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition. Skype will support Microsoft devices and services, including Xbox, Kinect, Windows Phone, Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities, according to the press release. The Redmond-based company assured that it will still invest and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.

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In mid-April, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirmed that Skype will be coming to Windows Phone 7 this fall. Little did we know, by the time it happens, Microsoft will be the new owner of Skype.

Earlier reports signaled that Facebook and Google expressed interest in buying or partnering Skype. Efforts by both the internet giant is however proven futile when WSJ reported today that Microsoft will be acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion in cash.

While the WSJ report states that the negotiations aren’t yet final and the deal could still fall apart, AllThingsD was told the deal is sealed and an announcement will be made as early as tomorrow morning.

The deal, if worked out as reported, will be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition in its 36-year history.

At this point, it’s still unclear how would Microsoft justify the purchase. A Skype-powered FaceTime equivalent for Windows Phone 7 perhaps? For now, FaceTime is limited only to Apple products, and video calls can only be made over Wi-Fi.

By integrating Skype into Windows Phone 7 natively, its users can make video calls to any Skype users out of box (Skype has 663 million users at this point) — not limited by platform or connection type. The only thing Skype doesn’t triumph is the need of yet another account.

Make it possible to sign up with just our phone number (like Viber and Whatsapp), or even sign in using Facebook Connect and it’ll be one step closer to perfection.

That being said, a Facebook-Skype partnership could still be possible despite Microsoft’s acquisition. After all, Facebook is already integrated in Skype and Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger to some extend.

Go ahead with the partnership, make it possible to video call from Skype to Facebook Chat without additional software (ala video chat in Gmail) and vice versa. That’d put FaceTime to shame.

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What is SERP – Search Engine Result Page?

What is SERP – Search Engine Result Page?

SERP mainly stand for Search Engine Result Page. Search Engine Result Page is listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. Instead of web pages it could also show result for the video, books, maps, images and whatever which is related to the keyword being asked.

All we know Google is famous search engines I would like to aware you that all the popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing primarily use content contained within the meta data tags for a web page to generate the SERP content.

How Can I Test the SERP?

I know you understand very well definition of SERP but how to test the SERP is the next question? It’s not so difficult task you can check it manually as well by automated software. Before start clarify on which search engine you would like to test after finalization of the search engine you must have to determine the keyword would you like to test.

Once you determine both the things, insert the keyword in search engine for which you want to test SERP and notice the results which is returned. The returned results include

1. Title
2. Description
3. URL Link

Below pasted image will help you more to understand it well.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the short form of Search Engines Optimization. People of web world always trying to know more about Seo. Different people have different views about seo. Seo is the way to increase the website rank in the search engines like as Google, Yahoo, With the help of Seo your site will rank in search engines and seo also increase your site SERP (Search Engine Result Page).Hope you able to understand what is the benefit of SERP. There are two type of seo work off page & on page.


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